Sex Education Books

Sex Ed: serving political activists, not parents and students

SB 818—Governor Pritzker signed August 2021, outsourcing sex ed standards to the “National Sex Education Standards” board.
Governor Pritzker

Who sets these “standards”?

A partnership of private organizations, Advocates for Youth, Answer Sex Ed Honestly, and The Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, or SIECUS.
  • Advocates for Youth: DC-based organization who wants to “shift[] the culutral paradigm towards normalization of youth sexual development.” source
  • Answer Sex Ed Honestly: strategic plan is to assist “social justice movements” and “apply an intersectional lens to our work.”
  • SIECUS has the tag line, “Sex Ed for Social Change.” Founded by Dr. Mary Calderone, medical director for Planned Parenthood Federation of America.
  • This is political activism; its curriculum was called “sexual grooming of children.” source

Books used by school districts around U.S.

“It’s Perfectly Normal”  is for children 10 years old and up. This book is in the Elmhurst Public Library.
It's Perfectly Normal

“Gender Queer” is in many school district libraries.

It's Perfectly Normal

Parents’ wishes are ignored.

The Illinois Librarians Association complains removing the books from public libraries’ children’s shelves and parent complaints is “censorship.”

Once a book is in the school curriculum– school libraries are usually exempted from obscenity laws.

Most States

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