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Another Rubber Stamp and Another Dubious Consultant

Among the top District 205 initiatives this year was to develop a “Long-Term Strategic Plan” that prioritizes Social-Emotional Learning. The D205 website, under the heading “SEL Mission”, proclaims it is “strongly committed to developing safe and healthy environments where everyone thrives academically, socially, and emotionally.”

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Responding to Our Critics & Setting the Record Straight

EPIC was formed in response to what a growing number of parents believe are issues with biased curriculum, political activism in classrooms, and District 205 faltering in its core mission to properly educate all children and prepare them for future success–objective test scores are falling, and students are not meeting basic learning skills at grade level according to the Illinois state report card.

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NYPOST – The left is losing its war on parents

The parents’ revolution has notched another win. This week, three members of San Francisco’s Board of Education — Gabriela López, Alison Collins and Faauuga Moliga — suffered overwhelming defeat in a recall election brought by angry parents who felt they were more concerned with lefty politics than with children’s welfare. The parents’ case was strengthened by the fact that they were, well, right.

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